Big Game Hunting Trips

We do not harvest cows or young bulls. All elk must be a brow tine bulls or larger.

Montana Elk & Deer Rifle Hunts

We feel privledged for the opportunity to hunt this area surrounded by Montana wilderness, just ten miles south of Glacier National Park. We hunt from a base elevation of 3500 ft. up to approximately 8500 ft. on top. Most days we’ll leave in trucks to get to a trailhead just a few miles away. There we set out on foot or horseback to get to the area we’ll be hunting that day. We return to the lodge at the end of each day.

Our Montana Big Game Hunts are based out of our lodge so you’ll have a warm comfortable bed in a wood-heated cabin, hot showers and delicious meals in our main lodge. After dinner feel free to enjoy an adult beverage while playing a game of pool and listening to our vintage jukebox. That’s if you can stay awake that long…

Montana Archery Elk Hunts

Quickly becoming our most popular hunt, Montana archery elk hunts take place both in the proposed Swan Crest Wilderness Area and in a large radius around our lodge. We offer lodge-based and backcountry hunts which enables us to keep you in the heart of the action while we avoid disturbing the elk. Depending upon conditions, some hunts will combine both lodge and spike camps. This is an exciting hunt which offers tremendous rewards for those who come prepared to hunt hard and reap the rewards. Call us to discuss your next Montana Archery Elk Hunt and the options available.

Outfitter Sponsored Big Game Combination License

Unlike many other western states, Montana offers a guaranteed license to individuals hunting with an outfitter. By purchasing this “Outfitter Sponsored” license you can book and confirm your dates with confidence.

Montana Spring Bear Hunts

Spring at the lodge is both fun and relaxing. In May we hunt black bears which in our area comes in all color phases. They can be chocolate or black, or even a rare cinnamon or blond, often with contrasting markings. All hunts are fair chase, spot and stalk. This is less physically demanding hunt and great for hunters of all ages.

Mountain Lion Hunts

The ultimate trophy for many hunters, the mountain lion’s stealth and stamina make it a worthy prey. This hunt can be physically demanding, requiring you to be able to cover a mile or more of snow covered ground to track the hounds to the lion. The remoteness of the area we hunt and the relative lack of hunting pressure combine to produce large, even record book sized, animals. You should feel at ease in snowshoes as well as on a snowmobile.

Please Note:

  • For our lodge hunts we like to limit the number of hunters to four with two guides.
  • Archery hunts will be limited to two hunters, each with their own guide.
  • Mountain lion hunts can be one or two hunters.