Check out what people are saying about Diamond R Ranch!

“Thanks for the great cooking and hospitality. It really didn’t seem like we were 50 miles back in the mountains. I had a great time and the awesome meals made it that much better. Thanks for everything.”

Don Smith

Cooksville, MD

“Thanks again for the greatest hunt of my life, success wise. It’s a dream-of-a-lifetime come true. I’ll always remember how hard you worked to make it happen.”

Gary Cohen

Peoria, AZ

“Thanks again for leading my parents and me through the wonderful vacationland of the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We really enjoyed ourselves. The beauty of that area is indescribable. I envy you for being able to call it home!”

Mark A. Schrage

“Thanks again for the very good time we had in Montana, for taking the time to transport us back and forth, for solving the problem with the lost bag and for doing so many other things. You made this trip very special for us.”

Philippe Khayat

“I wanted to thank you and your family for making my stay so enjoyable. I had a great 16 day trip! I’ll send you a good picture of your dad that I took when we flew to Schaffer, I also found a great book on hummingbirds that I’ll send to you. Thanks again.”